Alex Lester

Alex Lester presents the early morning, weekday show from 2.00 - 5.00am on BBC Radio 2.

Alex's long and varied career has included presenting and reporting for both radio and television, most recently 'The Boat Show' for BBC 2, and on radio 'Breakaway', 'Going Places', 'Freewheeling', 'It's Your Round' and various leisure specials on Radio 4.

He has also reported for BBC Radio Birmingham, and presented and produced programmes for Radio Aire, Radio Derby, Radio Tees, and Essex. His voice can regularly be heard on satellite television stations. Alex joined BBC Radio 2 in 1987 as a trainee announcer, and went on to become a promotions producer.
Alex has a variety of hobbies including his two motor cars: a Kit-Car Minari Road Sport and a Chevrolet Camaro and travel especially to his haunted 400 year old farm house that he is restoring in Normandy. Another passion Alex has is food and he has had numerous features published on this subject. As well as Normandy, Alex splits his time outside work commitments between a narrow boat in Birmingham (combining his love of boats with his home) and another home lovingly restored in St Leonards near Hastings.

His job is very much his life, as he is asleep when others are awake and vice versa. He whiles away the long hours towpath walking and searching for new and bizarre ways to entertain his ever growing band of listeners.

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